Professional fuel tank repairs
Let the experts handle all of your fuel tank repairs and cleaning

Ryan's Radiator Service can repair or replace your cars fuel tank to the specifications as outlined by the vehicle manufacturer. We can also make custom vehicle modification tanks such as drop tanks and long range tanks.

Whether you have damaged your existing fuel tank or need to replace a worn unit, Ryan's Radiator Service can implement and engineer a suitable solution for you.

Ryan's Radiator Service is one of the few workshops in the Far North who cater to this sector of the market.

About Ryans RadiatorS Cairns

Ryan's Radiator Service has been established in the Cairns area for over 30 years. The company is held in high regard being strongly supported by both trade and retail customers. Our tracking procedures indicate that a majority of our customers are referrals by 'word of mouth.'

Australian Organic Coolants

We are setting new standards and changing traditional perceptions in the chemical industry. We are perpetually committed to provide this generation with long life, eco-friendly chemicals, treatment applications and services that ensure future generations will be able to enjoy their world as we do today.

airconditioning repair experts

Ryans Radiators Cairns are experts at repairs & maintenance on car airconditioning systems as well as advanced trouble shooting using our diagnostic system. We also do carry out retro fitting to older cars still using the old R-12 refrigerant.

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