Ryan’s Radiator Services can work with your industrial heat exchanges
We can source a variety of different finned tube types from our worldwide suppliers


Otherwise known as Fin Fan Coolers, our air-cooled heat exchangers are made with durability in mind from the welding techniques to the raw materials used in their manufacture. As these products are intended to work in somewhat harsh territories and environments and as their duty is essential to keeping the workflow moving, we ensure that they pass a rigid construction process.


Typically used in industrial mining applications, plate heat exchangers are also widely utilised in marine and HVAC scenarios where there is constraints on size.

As the plates, in the case of brazed plate heat exchangers, are brazed together in the manufacturing process they have the added benefit of providing a leak proof and durable heat exchanger.

We can also manufacture gasketed plate heat exchangers which have a versatility in that the surface area of the heat exchanger can be modified relatively easily by simply adding new plates.


For the specific use in most liquid to liquid or liquid to gas environments such as gas cooling or oil cooling our shell and tube heat exchangers have been developed over time to both provide longevity and ease of maintenance.

We provide a complete range of automotive services to the Cairns region


Ryan's Radiator Services works with the leading brands including:
Ryan's Radiator Services carries out extensive repairs and maintenance on your cars airconditioning system. We carry out retro fitting to older cars still using the old R-12 refrigerant as well as all repairs to car airconditioning systems using our diagnostic system.
Along with our abilities in repairing damaged and worn radiators, we also have access to an extensive range of replacement radiators. Our radiators meet the most stringent specifications of strength, durability and effectiveness and can be installed in our workshop.
In a turbo charged car, the intercooler is a vital component to its performance which can be improvedvehicle by adding a larger intercooler. At Ryan's Radiator Services we have a range of different sized intercoolers which have been prefabricated to suit most turbocharged cars.
Oil coolers
In all engines it is necessary to ensure the stable operation of the oil cooler. Ryan's Radiator Service can supply and fit a new oil cooler into your car. Ryan's Radiator Services oil cooler coils are engineered for maximum cooling efficiency with no restriction in oil flow.

Refrigerant Trading Authorisation: RTA No AU11601
Ryan’s Radiator Specialists are a member of VASA & MTA Queensland
Discounts apply for RACQ Members and Seniors Card holders (Conditions apply)



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