In a turbo charged car, the intercooler is a vital component to the performance of a vehicle

It is possible to increase the performance of your vehicle by adding a larger intercooler from Ryan's Radiator Service.

At Ryan's Radiators we have a range of different sized intercoolers which have been pre-fabricated to suit most turbocharged cars.

As all of our work is manufactured locally, we are also one of the only workshops in Cairns who can build an intercooler to your specifications. So if you need any advice on modifying the intercooler set-up of your car contact us.

As you will see in the following information on how intercoolers work, upgrading this component of your vehicle is a major part of any turbocharged car modification process.

How an Intercooler works

An intercooler is a heat exchanger. That means there are two or more elements that don't physically touch each other but a transfer of heat or energy takes place between them.

At wide open throttle and full boost the hot compressed air coming from a turbocharger is probably between 120 and 200 deg Celsius depending on the particular turbo, boost pressure, outside air temperature, etc.. This needs to be cooled down, which reduces its volume so more air molecules can be forced into the cylinder so as to avoid detonation.

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